Wednesday, November 3, 2010


For those of you who missed it, my last post outlined a relatively embarrassing issue that I seem to be having with my bike. Although this issue is somewhat common in the cycling world it is no less frustrating. If you missed that post you can catch it here.

This post is going to be considerably shorter in length as I start the process of elimination to see what may be causing my ‘numbness.’

Although there were many comments, suggestions, tips and tricks offered to me through various sources. The most common response was to try a new saddle.

So, we will start there.

I did some research on the brands that different people were recommending and could pretty much bank on spending a couple hundred dollars on a new seat. Since I don’t have a couple hundred of dollars to spare I needed to get creative… or lucky.

A few weeks ago I made a visit down to Coach Joe to drop off a wetsuit that he had let me borrow. In our conversation I asked him if he knew of a place to get good used bike stuff for cheap. He asked me what I was looking to get and I basically explained to him my entire last post about how my ‘nether-regions’ go numb while riding and how my wife gets some kind of pleasure out of laughing at the situation. After a brief self-esteem related counseling session he walked over to the corner of his garage and grabbed a cardboard box full of old bike seats!

He pulled out a couple different types and styles and told me to try them out to see if it helps with the issue. I got home and realized one of the seats he had let me borrow was an Adamo, which was one of the brands that different people had recommended to me!

Later that night I installed the new seat on the bike. Almost immediately after that I took my old seat outside and set it on fire, then urinated on the ashes, then set it on fire again just to be safe.

With the new seat installed I was ready to give it a whirl. Although the seat is considerably harder than my old seat, it looks as if it would give ‘relief’ to the proper areas.

I rode for 45 minutes with close to no numbing! Close although only counts in ‘horseshoes and hand grenades.’

I went back to the ‘experts’ at Slowtwitch with a picture of myself on the bike asking for suggestions. One fellow responded with a video link on how to properly install an Adamo saddle. The video is approximately 10 minutes in length and requires a degree in engineering to fully comprehend.

In actuality, I had no idea that each seat had its own installation process. With that said I am still in the process of dialing this seat in to be positioned correctly under my rump. I do think this may be the path to cycling nirvana but as of right now only time will tell.

So that's all for now on that situation.

The next detailed post will probably be a review of the Columbus Marathon, which was a viewing experience unlike any other. My brother Dave ran his first marathon and I was there to watch nearly every minute… literally. So most likely I will be providing you with a ‘retro diary’ style post. Should be highly entertaining… but anytime two grown men embrace in a hug as if they were long lost lovers, there is sure to be a laugh or two…. So stay tuned.

(Disclaimer: My posts are about as random as… I don’t know, something really random. In addition to this, my wife is 8.94 months pregnant so she could pop at anytime. If you don’t hear from me it probably means I'm changing a diaper, or hallucinating from a lack of sleep... So say a prayer for my soul. I will try my darndest to keep you all updated on the progression of the family as my Wolf pack grows by 1 )

Until next time…

Move forward


  1. Can I pay you to leave my "bike accident" out of the Columbus marathon blog?

  2. that is definitely making it in... sorry.

  3. Very funny, Dave. All of us newbee's will learn greatly from your experience...especially (turning my head sideways and coughing as I say this)the men.

  4. I know what you are going through. I went with a Cobb Cycling V-Flow Plus seat to help me with my problem. I had a shop install it for me when I had a fitting so it is working very well. I really like it a lot.